How “Jazz from New York” got its start

I was born and raised in beautiful San José, Costa Rica, and recently came across a fellow countryman, old friend of mine, from my hometown, someone with whom I hadn’t talked or had any contact in quite some time. This gentleman, Mr. Fernando López Fallas, has spent his entire adult life in radio and/or TV, whether as a DJ, talk-radio host, variety show, etc. When I got wind that he runs an “on-line” radio station called, I decided to tune in and give a listen.

When I did, he was interviewing a mutual friend of ours. The interview brought back lots of memories, which prompted me to give Fernando a call. We spoke for quite some time, did a tremendous amount of reminiscing, and he expressed a very strong interest in interviewing me. We set up meetings, and, faster than you can say record, we were able to complete two one-hour interviews, with more to come in the very near future. These aired, and the feedback was very favorable. I suggested doing a jazz music program, to expand the station’s scope. He was very enthused about the idea, and decided to give it a shot. He also granted me complete freedom in the production and programming of the show.

I finished the first show, and it streamed successfully. The feedback we received was very positive, to the extent that the decision was made to continue doing the show on a by-weekly basis. It will be an ongoing endeavor for the foreseeable future.

The format I’ve chosen for the show is very simple. The program will feature the most outstanding artists in the entire history of jazz, such as Louie, Dizzy, Bird, Miles, et al. However, many up-and-coming artists, those whose music I feel is worth showcasing for the jazz-loving public to appreciate, shall be featured as well. The dates of future shows shall be posted on this website, so stay tuned and. . .listen up!

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